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August 11, 2020 | Education, News

The Missouri Prairie Foundation and Grow Native! webinars are now available for viewing on the MO Prairie YouTube Channel. Follow us on YouTube to see the latest videos!


Bruce Schuette: The Conservation Significance of Missouri’s Prairies

Mike Leahy: A Tour of Missouri’s Natural Communities, with Special Emphasis on Prairies and Other Native Grasslands 

Sarah Kendrick: Missouri’s Bird Conservation Plan

Steve Clubine: Managing Threats of Invasive Plants in Livestock Pastures

Scott Woodbury: Maintaining Native Landscapes

James Faupel: Gauging Success of an Urban Native Planting

Paula Diaz: Overcoming Challenges of a Suburban Native Plant Gardener

Jerod Huebner: Establishing a Prairie Planting

Jerod Huebner and Bruce Schuette: “Happy Hour” Virtual Prairie Tour (featuring Snowball Hill Prairie, Friendly Prairie, Drovers’ Prairie)

Jerod Huebner: “Happy Hour” Virtual Prairie Tour (featuring Carver Prairie, Noah Brown’s Prairie, La Petite Gemme Prairie)

Interview with Margo Farnsworth about her Forthcoming Book: Biomimicry and Business: How Companies are Using Nature’s Strategies to Succeed

Interview with Alan Branhagen, author of The Midwest Native Plant Primer

The Missouri Prairie Foundation is a 54-year-old conservation organization and land trust that protects and restores prairie and other native grasslands through acquisition, management, education, and support of prairie research. The organization owns 23 properties totaling more than 3,200 acres of prairie across the state and works with partners to inspire conservation of thousands more. The Missouri Prairie Foundation is also home to the Grow Native! native plant education and marketing program and the Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force.

Photo: R.S. Kinerson


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