Supporter in Antarctica Donates to MPF via Give St. Louis -- You Can Too May 1

Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) member Dave Van Dyne is working in Antarctica, but that didn't stop him from making a generous donation to MPF via Give St. Louis, an online day of giving on May 1. Dave made a prescheduled donation last week, and you can make a prescheduled donation, or a donation the day of Give St. Louis, now through May 1. You may donate now at this link: MPF’s profile at Give St. Louis Day. Your tax-deductible donation to MPF via Give St. Louis will help MPF continue our award-winning prairie conservation work and promotion of native plants and all their benefits to people. And, on Give St. Louis Day, your generosity will be matched. An anonymous donor will match all gifts of any amount totaling up to $5,000, doubling the impact of your gift. Please help us raise a total of $10,000 by May 1.

Here is why your donation matters:

  • The Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF), a 53-year-old conservation organization and land trust, works tirelessly to protect original, unplowed prairie that--despite the odds--still remains in Missouri to save. MPF owns and manages some of the most biologically diverse prairies in Missouri, open to the public to enjoy. MPF purchased its first prairie in 1969, and its most recent prairie purchase was December 13, 2018. Today, MPF owns and manages 22 tracts of land totaling more than 3,300 acres. In 2018, MPF's Penn-Sylvania Prairie was found to break a world record for fine-scale plant diversity--read more about this astonishing MPF prairie here. MPF continues to seek more land to buy, and with your help, will build even more funds to do so, and to steward that land carefully in perpetuity. Learn more about the importance of prairie and MPF's work in this KCUR interview that aired last week
  • MPF carries out plant and animal surveys on its properties to establish baseline data and repeats these surveys in ensuing years to ensure that our management practices are sustaining--or enhancing--inherent native biodiversity.
  • MPF provides robust outreach and education programming with events throughout the state and year to help citizens learn about prairie. Just this past week, MPF was at the Missouri FFA convention in Columbia, attended by an estimated 9,000 high school students, to provide information on the importance of prairie conservation--and information on how prairie plants can be integrated on farms to benefit farmland. And, MPF had a booth with literature, prairie plants, and children's prairie and native plant games at St. Louis Earth Day just this past weekend, an event visited by an estimated 60,000 people. MPF's Prairie BioBlitz--a weekend free and open to all to explore an original prairie and tent camp on the prairie--will be June 1 and 2, 2019. These are just a few examples of MPF's outreach and education activities.
  • MPF runs the 19-year-old Grow Native! program, which promotes the use of native plants to benefit pollinators, store carbon in soil/roots, manage stormwater, and provide many other benefits. Grow Native! provides native plant marketing services to its 150+ professional members, sold more than 250,000 native plant tags in 2018, organizes workshops and other learning opportunities for professionals, homeowners, landowners, and other groups, and produces numerous education resources, including this Did You Know -- Native Plants Help Fruits & Vegetables Thrive fact sheet.
  • Through its Grow Native! program, MPF also maintains the Missouri Invasive Plant Task Force (MoIP), a multi-disciplinary group of land management professionals working to elevate the need for early detection and control of invasive plants on a statewide level. Last Friday, MoIP partnered with Grow Native! professional member Forest ReLeaf on a Callery Pear "buyback" program. Social media for this event reached more than 120,000 people--expanding our reach beyond the many people who attended the event. Learn more about our MoIP work here.