JEFFERSON CITY (June 15, 2017)—In recognition of National Pollinator Week—June 19-25, 2017—Whole Foods Market®  invited the Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) and St. Louis’ own Florence’s Homestyle CHA-CHA into all three of its St. Louis stores on Friday, June 23. 

MPF offered native plant and prairie information and free Missouri-native plants to support monarch butterflies and pollinators. Florence’s provided samples of CHA-CHA—a sweet and spicy, all natural green tomato relish—for customers to enjoy. Florence’s donated 10% of proceeds from CHA-CHA sales on June 23 to support MPF’s conservation work. 

Our pollinators are responsible for pollinating wild plants in our forests, prairies, and other habitats, perpetuating these natural systems for the benefit of people and wildlife alike. Pollinators like butterflies, flies, moths, beetles, and most significantly bees, are responsible for pollinating the vast majority of fruits and vegetables we depend on every day—like tomatoes to make CHA-CHA.

Missouri’s remaining, original, unplowed prairies support the largest number of native bee species and the greatest total number of all pollinating insects of any habitat type in Missouri. Conserving prairie habitat safeguards these beneficial insects, some of which are rare, and also serve as “pollinator reservoirs” that are important to nearby food crops.