MPF volunteers collecting seeds for future prairie plantings at MPF’s Snowball Prairie. Photo by Glenn Longworth

Volunteer for the Missouri Prairie Foundation

MPF board members and technical advisors devote many volunteer hours to the operation of the organization. Many other volunteers regularly donate their time, and we invite you to join them to help protect prairie and promote the use of native plants.

There are many ways to volunteer with MPF. Below are a few examples of the ways volunteers contribute to MPF. 

Tabling at Events

MPF has a presence at many festivals, tradeshows, and other events in Missouri and sometimes surrounding states. Volunteers educate the public at tabling events by playing games about prairie and native plants with children, sharing facts and stories about prairie and wildlife, selling merchandise, handing out educational literature, and encouraging visitors to donate or become members. MPF volunteers also assist plant sale vendors at MPF and Grow Native! plant sales across the lower Midwest in spring and fall.


Education is an important part of what we do. Volunteers give presentations to educate groups about MPF and prairie protection, develop outreach materials, distribute educational handouts to groups, connect with other organizations and businesses, and many other tasks. 

Administrative Tasks

MPF staff performs many behind-the-scenes tasks in their home offices. Volunteers assisting with administrative tasks may be asked to assist with filing, data entry, shipping, inventory counts, filling merchandise orders, design work, and other tasks.

Hosting/Planning Events

MPF has many events throughout the year, and we are always looking for opportunities to further our reach and share our mission. Volunteers can help by sharing ideas on events to organize, ideas for event venues, etc. 


MPF relies on donations to continue to conserve and protect prairie. If you have an interest in helping us raise funds, please contact us.

Seed Collection

MPF volunteers assist MPF Director of Prairie Management Jerod Huebner with the collection of seed from several of our prairies throughout the year. Depending on the season, seed from different native plants is collected, then used in reconstruction projects. Seed collection is an important part of prairie management, and vital to the protection of Missouri’s original prairie plants.

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning is important to prairie health. MPF volunteers assist MPF Director of Prairie Management Jerod Huebner on prescribed burns of MPF prairies. Volunteers for these projects are often called just a few hours before a burn, as burns are dependent upon certain weather conditions. Volunteers assisting with prescribed burning must go through training and have proper PPE (personal protective equipment) to be involved.

If you are interested in volunteering with MPF, Please fill out this form, or email us.