Virtual Annual Dinner

Learn More About our Virtual Annual Dinner

MPF’s Annual Dinner is a celebration of prairies and an evening of fellowship with prairie supporters. This summer, instead of an in-person gathering, we hosted a virtual prairie soirée on Friday, August 28 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. The preshow and the event recording are linked below from our YouTube page. 

    Thank you to our sponsors

    Individual Sponsors:

    · Madison Johnston · Jack Liput · Carol Davit · Michael Leahy · Andrew Doennig · Sara Caulk · Linda Williams · Warren Lammert · Susan Lammert · Mike Currier · Malinda Walter · Jess Isenberg · Francine Cantor · James Faupel · Thomas Ball · David Young · Cody Hayo · Vernon Elsberry · Mark Belwood · Karyn Ries · Susan Hazelwood · Nancy Grandgeorge · Dennis Figg · Betsy Garrett · Virginia Woulfe-Beile · Ronald and Suzanne Berry · Becky Erickson · Tessa Wasserman · Sarah Lammert · Jarrod Pace · Chandan Mahanta · Ann Manzardo · Jeannie Johnston · Louise Wilkinson · Leslie Wainwright · Linda Ballard · Beth Galante · Ann Eggebrecht · George and Susan Powell · David and Tanya Haubein · Charles and Charlotte Skornia · David Urich · Lesley Knowles · Roxy Kesler · Glenn Longworth · Lea Langdon · Ethan Duke · Carolyn Flynn · Dan and Susan Cardwell · Margo Farnsworth and Joe Pascoe · Dan and Karen Tipton · Jerry Overton · 

      Thank you to our Special Guest Appearances:
      • Dr. Peter Raven, President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden and world-renowned conservation champion
      • Dr. Douglas Tallamy, entomologist and author of Nature’s Best Hope
      • Dr. Alice Tipton, prairie fungi scientist
      • Dr. Chip Taylor, founder of Monarch Watch
      • Dr. Mark Robbins, ornithologist with the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
      • Mr. Noppadol Paothong, nationally renowned wildlife photographer


      Prairie themed cocktails
      No bar doesn’t have to mean no drinks!

      Make your own cocktails with our themed recipes, inspired by our prairies and native flora. Click the image above for the recipe cards.

      Share YOUR prairie-inspired drink recipes with us!


      Flowers blooming at Golden Prairie
      Set up a Zoom backdrop to feel like you’re in a MPF prairie!

      Use one of these stunning photos taken by MPF Vice President of Science & Management Bruce Schuette on MPF prairies as your Zoom background for the evening. Click the image above for a file of photos, and learn how to set up the background here