Maxmillian sunflowers (Helianthus maximilianii). Photo: Pat Whalen

What We Do

Our mission: To protect and restore prairie and other native grassland communities through acquisition, management, education, and research. The Missouri Prairie Foundation also promotes the use of native plants through its Grow Native! program and supports the identification and control of invasive plant species through its Missouri Invasive Plant Council.

MPF carries out its mission by:

  • acquiring and managing original prairies and restoring or reconstructing other properties to native grasslands
  • organizing a variety of outreach and educational activities
  • supporting prairie research, and
  • supporting grassland wildlife-friendly land use policies and state, regional, and national conservation initiatives.

The activities outlined above are carried out in accordance with MPF’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

View our 2019 Annual Report here.

Our vision:

Prairies and other native grasslands are natural communities of depthless beauty, with which humans have interacted for millennia—each one a library of plant and animal life and their complex ecological interactions. These precious grassland remnants naturally and spontaneously generate much that enriches our lives—from unique ecology and carbon storage, to rich soil and clean water, to aesthetic and spiritual renewal. The vision of the Missouri Prairie Foundation is to be a model of prairie conservation and native plant promotion and to awaken and engage the passion of others to protect and restore native grassland communities, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Our Guiding Values and Principles:

  • Effective communication among members, other donors, external partners, volunteers, board members, and staff.
  • Financial accountability and prudent business practices.
  • Recognition of MPF’s key role as a partner with federal, state, nongovernmental organizations and private individuals and other entities who share the goal of prairie conservation and use of native plants.
  • Recognition of MPF’s key role in helping to fulfill state, regional, and national wildlife conservation plans and strategies.
  • Management of MPF properties in accordance with internal management plans, consultation with external prairie professionals, presettlement and recent prairie biological data, and scientifically and environmentally sound practices.
  • Implement a successful Grow Native! program.
  • Effective governance via active committee structure to fulfill mission and serve the public.