Tiger swallowtail on prairie blazing star. Photo: Bruce Schuette

Missouri Prairie Foundation Annual Awards

The Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for awards to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the cause of prairies and prairie flora and fauna. To nominate someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of prairies in any of the categories listed below, please complete the online form here, or, download and complete the MPF Award Nominations Form and email it to info@moprairie.org. One need not be a member of MPF to be nominated for an award. Current MPF Board members are not eligible to receive an award. All nominations must be received by the Awards Committee by June 15 of the current year. Awards will be announced and presented at the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Annual Dinner in August.

Prairie Communicator of the Year

William A. Davit Award

The William A. Davit Award will be bestowed on an individual who has been exceptionally effective in educating, communicating, or advocating for prairie such as teachers, writers, photographers, artists, and speakers.

Past recipients include:

  • Julie Farstad (2023)
  • Noppadol Paothong (2021)
  • Andy Ostmeyer (2020)
  • Dr. James Trager (2019)
  • Mary Nemecek (2018)
  • Gary Schimmelpfenig (2016)

Prairie Landowner of the Year

Clair L. Kucera Award

The Clair L. Kucera Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the cause of prairie through ownership/stewardship.

Past recipients include:

  • Mark Belwood (2021)
  • Michaele Murphy and Bob Rosenow (2020)
  • Charleston Baptist Association of Benton, MO (2019)
  • Bonnie Teel (2018)
  • Susan Lordi Marker and Dennis Marker (2016)
  • Glen Wilson (2015)
  • Lorna Domke (2014)
  • Dr. Curtis Long (2013)
  • Rudi Roeslein (2012)
  • Wayne Morton (2011)
  • Jeff Tillman (2009)

Prairie Pioneer of the Year

Dick Dawson Award

The Dick Dawson Award is presented to an individual, group, or business who made an outstanding contribution as an early promoter/leader to the cause of prairie conservation through activities such as advocating for the acquisition and conservation of original prairie, prairie plantings in public spaces; encouraging/assisting implementation of prairie plantings/reconstructions in privately owned landscapes; advocating or promoting prairie plantings/protection and/or promoting understanding of prairie value through research, or publications.

Past recipients include:

  • Rick Means (2023)
  • Barbara Van Vleck (2022)
  • Jon Wingo (2019)
  • Dr. Walter Schroeder (2018)
  • St. Charles Country Parks and Recreation Department (2017)

Prairie Professional of the Year

Bill T. Crawford Award

The Bill T. Crawford Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding professional contribution to the cause of prairies.

Past recipients include:

  • Courtney Masterson (2023)
  • Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke (2022)
  • Bobby Lyness (2021)
  • Chris Newbold (2020)
  • Randy Arndt (2019)
  • Emily Horner (2018)
  • David Darrow (2017)
  • Ken McCarty (2016)
  • Randy Haas (2015)
  • Mervin Wallace (2014)
  • Doug Ladd (2013)
  • Mike Leahy (2012)
  • Len Gilmore (2011)
  • John Murphy (2009)
  • Steve Clubine (2007)
  • Rick Thom (2006)

Prairie Volunteer of the Year

Donald M. Christisen Award

The Donald M. Christisen Award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the cause of prairies through volunteer service.

Past recipients include:

  • Clifftop volunteers Laura Schaefer & Joann Fricke (2023)
  • Richard Crabb (2022)
  • Scott Lenharth (2020)
  • Randall Switzer (2019)
  • Ann Earley & Bob Siemer (2018)
  • Linda Ballard (2017)
  • Ric and Jean Mayer (2016)
  • Lance Jessee (2015)
  • Monte Abbott (2014)
  • Stan Parrish (2013)
  • Van Wiskur (2012)
  • Jeff Cantrell (2011)
  • Don Kollmeyer (2007)
  • Doris Sherrick (2006)
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