Virtual Annual Dinner

Picnics on the Prairie 

In lieu of our annual Evening on the Prairie event, we will be hosting multiple “Picnics on the Prairie” at five different MPF prairies around the state, where folks are invited to bring a picnic lunch, enjoy the prairie, and participate in optional distanced hikes or personal self-guided educational activities. These small events will be all outdoors, with hundreds of acres to distance ourselves across while exploring and enjoying the prairies.

Please RSVP so we can contact you if any changes arise. 


Click on the prairie name to learn more about each prairie, as well as find maps and directions. MPF staff, board members and volunteers listed below will be on-site 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., though guests are free to come at any time during the day and stay any amount of time. 

Friendly Prairie

  • October 24th – visit with MPF Board President David Young, and MPF Vice President Maddie Johnston.
  • October 31st – 1:00 PM prairie hike lead by MPF Technical Advisor Mike Leahy and MPF Executive Director Carol Davit.

Snowball Hill Prairie 

  • October 24th – MPF Past-President Doris Sherrick on-site to answer questions about fall-blooming prairie plants.
  • October 31st – MPF board member Glenn Longworth on-site to answer questions about prairie management.

Golden Prairie

  • October 24th – Learn about prairie management from MPF’s Director of Prairie Management Jerod Huebner during a 1:00 PM hike.
  • October 31st – MPF Board Member Brian Edmond will lead a hike at 1:00 PM, highlighting fall-blooming plants and herpetological facts.


Carver Prairie 

  • October 24th – MPF Board Members Dennis Evans and Dale Blevins will be on-site to share their knowledge of native plants and landscapes.
  • October 31st – MPF’s Technical Advisor Jeff Cantrell will be leading a prairie walk at 1:00 PM discussing the history of Carver Prairie and identifying fall flora and fauna.


La Petite Gemme Prairie

  • October 24th – MPF’s Vice President of Science and Management Bruce Schuette will be leading a 1:00 PM hike on prairie plants and ecology.
  • October 31st – MPF Board Member Sarah Hinman will be on-site to answer questions about prairie biology.


    Educational Materials 


    • Practice social distancing, staying at least 6 feet from people not in your group.
    • Consider keeping a mask and hand sanitizer with you, especially for moments when you can’t keep distanced.
    • Do not come if you are sick – free activities available online for use on your own time.
    • In the event of a weather cancellation, we will email everyone who registered. There are no rain dates since there are two weekends available, and educational resources are online for use during a future visit.