MPF Linden’s Prairie, Photo by R. S. Kinnerson

Our Prairies

Except as noted below, all are open only for access on foot for hiking, bird watching, nature photography, and nature viewing only. Several prairies have unstocked, old farm ponds available for public fishing. Three prairies are open to public hunting, and state hunting regulations apply: Gayfeather, Friendly, and Drovers’. MPF’s Stilwell Prairie is enrolled in the MRAP program and is open to youth-only hunting and fishing. All other uses require written permission. MPF organizes special camping events and special hunting events such as youth hunts, at specific times during the year. For more information call 888-843-6739. 

Click on a photo below to read more about each of our prairie; each prairie page includes a map and directions, AS WELL AS A GALLERY OF IMAGES AT THE BOTTOM OF EACH PAGE. 
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